10 Promising And Profitable Niche Blog Ideas Of 2014

Are you looking for a profitable niche idea to start blogging? I have ten niche blog ideas waiting for you to fill! Literally thousands of blogs are being created daily, but only a handful of them get to last longer than three months. Why? Because they picked the wrong niche!

Now, if you have the perfect niche, profitable and has an audience waiting, everything will be smooth-sailing. Well, expect you’ll have to write tons of articles. But, hey, once you get your blog rolling, there’s no stopping!

So, are you ready to build a niche blog?

Find profitable niche blog ideas 2014

1. Smartwatches and other Wearable Tech

Smartwatches are popping in more often lately. People are buying these stuff like there’s no tomorrow. And rightly so, with it’s popularity, these little devices can actually help improve people’s daily lives!

In fact, scratch just writing about smartwatches. Write about devices that people can wear.

2. Mobile Marketing

The dawn of the mobile web and smart devices have given way to a new niche: mobile marketing. Create a blog that revolves around how anything mobile can be marketed. Answer questions like “how can I market my smartphone app?” or “what about mobile advertisements?”

3. Clean Technology

With the current world climate, people all over the globe are looking for little ways to help reduce pollution. With that growing awareness, people are starting to do more research about clean technologies they can use on their day to day lives. Talk about windmills, solar panels, hybrid or electric cars, and the latest development on green technology.

4. Web Design and Development

More and more people are jumping on the wagon of web design and development. There are students, hobbyists, and professionals who are shifting careers or enrolling themselves on web design and development courses. If you are one of them, or if you have some knowledge about web technology, you might want to consider building a web design and development blog that provides neat resources, tips, and tricks for beginners. This niche has been on the market for several years now and it is still growing, since the demand is high.

5. Blogging

Like, seriously. This is so meta, but bear with me. The days when people just want to vent their frustration through blogging is gone. Blogging has become one of the primary source of information for people. Many people are always connected wherever they are, and as a meta-blogger, your goal is to help other blogs reach out to their audience by giving tips on how to market their blog, how to earn by blogging, and basically what I’m doing on this blog.

6. Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies

In case you have been hiding on your cave since three years ago, cryptocurrencies are on the rise, especially Bitcoin. It doesn’t matter whether these currencies are unstable. They are making news, and that’s what you want to hop on to. Start a news blog about cryptocurrencies. Help people make educated decisions. Give them the news they both want and don’t want to hear.

7. Self-Help, Lifehacks

“How to” type of blogs are gaining momentum with the help of social media. If you have a lot of things to contribute to the daily lives of your audience, then you are in for a great roll. Provide easy-to-do tips and tricks that will increase the quality of life of your audience.

8. Appeal to Emotion

Have you seen those blogs shared around on Facebook and Twitter? With headlines like “this touching reunion between X and Y will surely make you cry”? The future is looking grim and people want to uplift their spirits. Leverage on this. Start a blog that focuses mainly on happy stories.

9. Freelancing

Freelancing and home-based jobs are now gaining momentum, but people don’t know where to begin. If you can guide people how to transition from being employed full-time into becoming a freelancer (whether it’s freelance writing, web design, development, marketing, admin roles, etc), then you just found yourself a really great niche to write about.

10. Online Education

Let’s admit it, most of the things you can learn at school are freely available on the internet. You can learn how to speak Japanese, how to cook, how to build Flappy Bird, how to build an entire house, even how to download a car. Literally thousands upon thousands of things you can learn online. This is a growing niche, since people are looking for alternatives. And it’s real education too.

I build websites for a living. I write, write, and write some more! Moneyarty is just one of my babies. :)

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  1. Rohit Singh

    Really nice ideas if someone want to start a blog with profitable niche great work and keep us updating with more info like this

  2. Armand Cruz

    Hi, Thank you for the nice post!

    I’ve been in and out of the blogging scene since 2009. I had a total of 5 and I had to delete all of them because I can’t seem to find the niche that I embody. How did you find yours? And What’s your advise? My financial goal for blogging is a passive income of P50,000 or $1,000. Is this feasible for the Philippine setting? Another reason, why I think I haven’t had my success in blogging because I don’t mentors to guide me through the process.(I apologize. I’m in a hurry, I wasn’t able to read details of you and your blog) GTG!

    1. moneyarty

      Hi Armand, there is actually no trick. It all boils down to keyword research. I use Market Samurai for finding profitable keywords, but you can also use Google’s Keyword Planner to find: 1. a primary keyword with a high number of monthly searches (personally, 3,000/mo is good for me), 2. low competition (so you can ‘own’ the niche), 3. relevant keywords with high monthly searches.

      $1000/mo for niche blogging is definitely possible, and I should also add that earnings can be more than that. It’s not just all about displaying advertisements and hoping someone clicks on them. You can also use your blog(s) to promote someone else’s products for a cut (affiliate marketing). Lots of ways to earn. But first you’ll need good traffic, which is where keyword research enters!

  3. Satender Rajput

    I think there is no trick to earn money in a very short period but your ideas are suberb, surely i will try once

  4. Sarang

    Nice and very specific blog post thanks!!! Can you advice if something could be started as a vlog + blog for a very specific narrow niche, and also has a potential for affiliate marketing… other than tech reviews / blogging how tos etc. please.

  5. Mazino

    Entertainment niche is also a profitable news. People want to hear about their favorite celebrities.

    1. moneyarty

      Thanks for that tip. You are correct everyone seems to always want to hear about what their favorite celebrities are up to. :)

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