A Complete Guide On How To Build A Niche Blog – For Money, Of Course

Many people asked me how can they build a niche blog and monetize it for passive income. Someone mentioned it’s hard, another one said she wants to start blogging but she has no specific topic of interest.

Well, let me tell you this: it doesn’t matter.

What you need is greed. You need to be greedy, you need to visualize money flowing in. That’s your motivation, in case you have not yet discovered your topic of passion.

Still with me?

Okay, I will teach you how to build a niche blog in just one week and monetize it in just a month.


If you want to do this for money, you need to really spend a few dollars as well. Because people will not take you seriously if you have a free blog.

Why Build a Niche Blog?

The internet already has gazillions of blogs out there, and most of the popular ones deal mostly with general ideas, general niche. For example, 1stwebdesigner.com and SmashingMagazine.com focus on web design and web development – a huge niche. FreelanceFolder.com publishes articles regarding freelancing. Can you compete with them? Sure, but that will take several months to years before you see money coming in!

The solution? Niche blogging.

You focus on one small topic, just write about that small topic and promote the heck out of it. People who are interested in that topic will surely land on your “specialty blog” rather than on “general blogs” out there.

For example: suppose you are looking to buy a new pair of shoes. In front of you are two buildings, one is a shopping mall with all the goods in the world you can buy, and the other one only sells shoes of every brand. Where will you go?


So, onward we go!

Build a Niche Blog by Finding Your Niche

Starting something is the hardest part, right? That’s somewhat true. But there’s a workaround technique that you can use to get things moving!

So, the first thing you need to do is determine your niche, or micro-niche. It is important to keep your niche as small as possible, because you don’t want to actually write about everything related to that specific niche. We call this a “micro-niche”, or a smaller niche of a bigger niche.

In order to find your niche, just browse around and pick random topics. I’m serious. It goes this way:

  1. Pick a random topic.
  2. Google it.
  3. See if many people are writing about it.
  4. Do keyword research to see if it’s a viable option for a niche blog.

Take the image below as an example. The main niche is Fitness and Health, and its smaller niches are weight loss, healthy foods, sports, total well-being. We can take it one level further, especially for sports. Tennis, badminton, swimming, karate, and other sports that you can think of. So, that’s basically a micro-niche.


Choose your niche, preferably a small niche with a proven audience.

Research Keywords to Cash In *ka ching!*

Okay, so you’ve already chosen your niche. Researching a keyword for it is important. You need to find a highly searched keyword with low competition if you want to rank high on search engines.

Let’s use weight loss as an example.

Using WordTracker’s Keyword Question tool I searched “weight loss” and this came up:


As you can see, weight loss is indeed a popular niche (and I highly suggest not choosing it, because competition is already high – I’m using this as an example because many people have already gained success through it, and I’m sure you can do the same for a different niche).

Now, based on how many times the question has been asked, it is clear that people are looking for exercises to help them lose weight.

Now, let’s take a look at Google’s Keyword Planner:


It is evident that the competition is indeed high, and you don’t want to jump on that. What you should look for is: low competition, high global/local monthly search.

I can’t emphasize this enough: you need to spend a great deal of time here! This is important. You need to find the perfect keyword for your blog.

After finding the perfect keyword for your blog, you should consider purchasing a domain name with your chosen keyword in it. Let’s do a quick search with weight loss as an example. I searched the keyword and guess what appeared on the first page of Google?


Is it an accident that the first two results have the keyword “quick weight loss” in their domain name? Nope! It’s not an accident, it’s a product of wise decision. You get what I mean now?

Also, for other results, they used the keyword on their headlines. Keep that in mind, always use your focus keyword on your headlines (if possible!).

In a Nutshell:

  1. Find the perfect keyword: low competition and high monthly search.
  2. Use your focus keyword for your domain name.
  3. Use your focus keyword on your headlines.

I mentioned above that you will need to stay away from free blogs. And I’m serious. These free blogs (WordPress.com and Blogger.com) won’t get you anywhere, they are pretty much limited and won’t let you monetize your blog the way you want to. Besides, people will not think of you as an authority figure (which is something you would like to aim for).

Hosting Recommendation:

If you have already decided to launch a niche blog, I highly suggest using HostGator. I have two blogs hosted at HG and they’re absolutely perfect, especially for new bloggers. It will only cost you around $75 for an entire year, and you can add several more blogs on your account.

Write Your Pre-Launch Content

Before you officially launch your blog you will need to have at least TEN articles on the ready. You don’t want to let people visit your site and just see two or three articles, that’s rather disappointing.

Can you do this within one week?

Now, take a look at the image below. What I want you to do is follow this method:

  1. At the very center of your paper, write your preferred niche. In this example, instead of Fitness and Health, it will be Weight Loss.
  2. From that, expand your topics, pick your own categories like: exercise, diet, and tips.
  3. Think of at least fifteen titles that you will write. 500 words is enough per article, but I highly suggest going beyond that, up to 1,000 words.


When you write your articles, keep in mind the following:

  1. Make it unique. Don’t write an article that has already been written.
  2. Provide great value.
  3. Solve a specific problem.
  4. For every article you write be sure to do keyword research on top of your focus keyword.

Here’s a simple guide on how to write 1,000 words within 30 minutes.

Once you have written your ten articles, you should then proceed to writing another five articles for backlinking purposes.

Write Your Backlinking Content

Wait, what is “backlinking content” exactly? Good question! Well, if you really want your blog to get noticed, even if it’s just a week old, you need to spread the word to other websites or directories, “hey, I exist!”

Now that you have chosen your niche and written ten blog posts for your niche blog, what you need to do next is write at least five articles for other websites with links to your own blog. Keep your content relevant to your own blog, and keep it unique so that they will get accepted on the following directories:

Note: don’t submit duplicates! That’s a newbie mistake.

Now, do you really need this? Of course! This is the one sure method of getting your blog’s name out there. People will discover your content on these directories, and in turn see your blog (because you will place a link to your blog on every article you submit, got it?).

Another advantage of doing this is, search engines will crawl your blog more and you will rank higher on search engines. Do you want to rank higher on Google’s first page? Who doesn’t?!

After writing everything, the next thing you need to do is launch your blog and publish all of your ten articles at the same time. Immediately followed by submitting your other articles to the directories above. It might take several days before they get approved (hopefully!), but you just need to keep on doing that.

Rinse and repeat. Update your own blog at least once a week, and submit new content to these directories at least once a week as well. That’s only at least 3 hours of work per article (considering you’ll research first).

Install These WordPress Plugins

Well, I am biased towards WordPress. I love WordPress, and if you’re not using it now you should reconsider. It is more flexible than other blogging systems out there and it has thousands of features you can choose from for additional functionality on your website.

Here’s a list of must-install WordPress plugins:

WordPress SEO by Yoast

One does not simply write an article and expect it to be found by people on search engines. You need this tool, WordPress recommends it too! When you add a new blog post on WordPress, just scroll down a little and you will see the following:


This is actually this post’s SEO settings. My focus keyword for this specific blog post is “build a niche blog”. You will notice that I included my focus keyword on the link, title, and description. This way, when people search for “build a niche blog” I will have more chances of getting discovered online.



How else would people share your blogposts on social networks like Google+, Facebook, and Twitter? You need to make it easy for them, just one click!

Wait, just these two? Yep! These are the only essential tools you’ll need, I promise. The rest comes easy with your article writing!

But in case something new comes up, I will definitely tell you.

Monetize Your Niche Blog

There are two main ways to monetize your niche blog, and you should start doing so on day one. There are people who are against blogs loaded with advertisement, and they have the right to do so when the blog is just filled with ads. What you need to do is actually provide valuable content, and people won’t hate you for an advertisement or two.

This will just serve as an introduction to monetizing your niche blog. I will write an in-depth article regarding blog monetization soon!

Affiliate Marketing

I prefer to include affiliate products that I have personally tested, from which I can earn a commission for every sign up using my links. This way I am not forcing anyone to any product, it’s by their own will, and for every commission I receive, I know that people are supporting me. You can do this as well!

Here are some affiliate networks that you can check out:

How it works:

  1. You write a relevant content – either promoting a specific product or just mention it in passing (like what I did here for HostGator, relevant, right?).
  2. Someone interested clicks the link and signs up/buys the product.
  3. You get a percentage from the total sales.

This is a legitimate and lucrative way of earning money online.

Advertising Networks

These are the regular ads you see on blogs. Mostly sidebar ads that are either links or images. Depending on the blog, these can generate several thousands of dollars monthly.

How it works:

  1. Cost Per Thousand Views (CPM) – for every 1,000 visits/views (not clicks) you will earn a certain amount of money. For example, if the rate is $1 for 1,000 views, and if you have 30,000 visitors monthly, you get to earn $30. Not much, but if you will consider CPC…
  2. Cost Per Click (PPC) – when someone clicks your displayed advertisement you will earn somewhere around $0.10 depending on the current rates. Suppose the figure above stays the same, 30,000 visitors and 5% of them click on your ads. That’s 1,500 clicks multiplied by 0.10, that is already $150.

It’s not that appetizing, I know, but as your blog grows, so does your earnings. For the next part we will focus on effective monetization methods of niche blogs. Watch out for it!

In a Nutshell – How to Build a Niche Blog:

  1. The first thing you need to do is choose your preferred niche.
  2. After choosing your niche, research for promising keywords with low competition and high search rates.
  3. Once you’re determined, get your own blog for a more professional sense. I recommend HostGator for this, cheap and extremely reliable. Check out the video on the sidebar for a complete guide on how you can setup a blog through HostGator.
  4. Once you have your own website ready, now is the time to write 10 articles for your blog and 5 for article directories (for promotional purposes).
  5. Then you will need to decide on how to monetize your blog: affiliate products or by selling ad space? More on this later.
  6. Rinse and repeat. Write on your blog, write for article directories. Wait for traffic to grow.

If you do this and actually dedicate a couple of hours a week, there is only one sure path: that is success.

See you later!

I build websites for a living. I write, write, and write some more! Moneyarty is just one of my babies. :)

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  1. Kifli

    I start to build my niche blog and I foun this articles. Btw, how to create and find great content for niche blog ?

    1. moneyarty

      Hi Kifli!

      Everything you need is basically written on this post, however basic. To repeat, you need to conduct keyword and niche research that are popular enough but with little competition. I recommend writing at least 300 words per article with your keywords in it. Find a focus keyword for your niche, one with little competition but with high monthly search volume (refer to the guide above).

    2. Vishwanath Naik


      The admin has already answered your question in a great way. I would like to suggest you that you choose a niche in which you are interested in and about which you know at least more than an average person. That way creating quality content will be a breeze.

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    1. moneyarty

      Hi Freddie!

      Basically you need to find a keyword to focus on, a keyword that will attract traffic to your website. For example, for this post the keyword is “build a niche blog” and I receive hundreds of visitors daily because of it. When people use search engines and input “build a niche blog”, many of the searchers land on this page.

  4. Bee

    Hi! Love the simplicity of what you have written about niche blog. Your domain name is catchy though not part of keywords that people serach for (except money of course) so I guess the importance of keywords in articles are more important than keywords in the domain, is that not so?

    1. moneyarty

      Hi Bee!

      Keyword in the domain is a plus, definitely. I just liked the ring of “moneyarty” so I chose it instead of a long-winding one. :)
      Another thing to keep in mind is to keep it as short as possible to make it memorable.

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    Speaking of keywords, I have some questions:
    1) Should all my posts have the same keywords?
    2) If not, is there any theoretical limit on how many keywords my blog can have?
    3) Can it happen so that my blog is optimised for ‘weight loss’, for example, but I have posts on ”healthy foods’?

    1. Vishwanath Naik

      Hi Arvindh.

      1. It is better to have different keywords for separate pages and posts. Don’t create many posts around the same keyword..
      2.There is no limit for the number of keywords in a particular website or blog. You can have million different keywords!
      3. This is a quite confusing question. How can your blog be optimized for “weight loss” when you have posts on “healthy foods”?

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    Another thing to remember is that everything starts with keyword research, if done right you can make a successful website, if done wrong you can also waste all that time that you put into creating the site. That it why its very important to either take the time and research for the proper keywords or keywords phases. Or if you don’t want the hassle of doing this yourself you can look for services that will do this for you such as keyword-helper.com

    They have great keyword packages already done for you with great CPC, high volume and low competition. Go and take a look.

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