4 Beginner Friendly Ways To Earn Money Online

Thousands of people are looking for ways to earn money online on a daily basis, but the problem is they don’t know where to start! I entered the world of earning money online two years ago, and a week before I got my job I really had no idea that it’s even possible.

So, can you really earn money online? I Googled “make money online” and the auto-suggest applied “make money online Philippines”. Interesting, right? It just proves that quite a lot of Filipinos are looking for opportunities online but they don’t know where to begin. In the same way, people from around the globe are looking for ways to earn money from home.

The secret? You should know where to look and what to look out for. It’s that simple, really. And partially, you need luck.

Ways to Earn Money Online

There are four easy ways to earn money online. Easy in a sense that you don’t need certifications or a college degree. All you need to have is passion and willingness to learn.

If your goal is to make a thousand dollars within a week, as a beginner, then you’re on the wrong place. These methods take time, like all of the legitimate ways to make money online. No shortcuts, no BS.

So, ready?

Easy Ways to Earn Money Online

Below are easy ways you can do to make money online. They don’t require skills at all, just simple clicking, typing, and a little bit of patience.

1. Paid Surveys

There are actually a lot of companies out there who will pay people to fill up survey forms. You can earn anywhere from $1 to $50 per survey. Answering surveys for money is one good way to earn side income the easy way.

2. Amazon Mechanical Turk

MTurk allows people to do minor jobs like encoding, transcribing, clicking on things, reviewing, and the like. The beauty of it is that you can do it from home, and you choose your hours. It’s pretty flexible, but don’t expect to earn a living out of this. But MTurk as a means to earn side income? Definitely.

3. Flipping

Well, this one is kinda different. The two above only require time, computer, and an internet connection. This one needs you to have a little bit of money to spend (and it entails risk). Basically, you can go to eBay or Craigslist or any marketplace you feel browsing through (you can even browse on your local shops, garage sales, etc) and buy things for a low price…then put it back on the market and sell it for a slightly higher price. For example, you can buy an old lawn chair, repaint it and fix it a bit, then sell it for a higher price.

Quick Note: affiliate marketing is one of the most lucrative ways you can do to make money online. Either by promoting Amazon products or Clickbank. I have taken this Clickbank affiliate marketing course and it’s working wonders for me. After learning the material and setting everything up, I’ve started to earn around $20-$50 daily, passively. And I’m pretty sure I can improve on that if I focus on it.

Not-So-Easy Ways to Earn Money Online

The methods below take time to build, but if done correctly, they’ll yield you great results. They can even replace your day job. And I know this because I’ve been doing 1, 2, and 3 since 2010!

1. Write For Blogs


  • Excellent English writing skills
  • Knowledgeable in at least one niche (marketing, games, health, entertainment, web design/development, etc.)
  • Google-fu expert, because you will be doing a lot of research

Where to begin:

  • HubPages – multi-niched directory where you can write articles and share Adsense earning.
  • InfoBarrel – same as HubPages, has over 1 million users sharing Adsense revenue.
  • Odesk – a job board for freelancers, has a lot of job postings for writers.
  • Cracked.com – everyone’s favorite humor site. They pay from $100 to $200 with bonuses of $50 if your article performs well.

You are a beginner, yes, but do not under sell yourself by accepting crazy low fees! Here is an article about how Filipino Writers contribute negatively to the online community simply because they allow themselves to be used by their clients.

You might also want to check a method on how to write faster, fast like 1,000 words in under 30 minutes.

If you are a web developer or a web designer:

  • Hongkiat.com – the last time I wrote for Hongkiat I was paid around $67 per post.
  • Onextrapixel.com – they pay $40 to $50 per post, a good starting point if you have tips and tricks to share!

If you want to write about your interests, try HubPages and InfoBarrel. Many people earn hundreds of dollars there. Most of all, they’re free.

2. Sell Your Own Services

There are a lot of career opportunities on the web, among those fall under these categories:

  • Administrative Support
  • Customer Support
  • Design and Multimedia
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Web Development
  • and many more

You don’t really need to have a degree, just good organization skills, good with computers, and great with talking to people, especially if you want to be a virtual assistant, support, or an encoder.


  • A reliable internet connection.
  • A good computer.
  • Specific set of skills depending on your chosen path.

Where to begin:

Highly Recommended: OnlineJobs.ph, but only if you are okay with earning $250 to $800 monthly for full-time jobs. I realize that many of my readers come from India and the Philippines, that these are already above-average salaries.

  • oDesk – already mentioned this above. Everyday thousands of jobs are posted, and you can be lucky if you bid just right!
  • Freelancer
  • PeoplePerHour

3. Start Your Own Blog

If you are willing to spend at least $60, which will cover all expenses for 6 months, you can already setup a blog and get it running within an hour.


  • Good understanding of how websites operate.

Do not worry if you have no idea, just check out my tutorial about niche blogs. It’s all there!

Profitable Niche Markets:

  • Web design and development
  • Freelancing
  • Entertainment
  • Healthcare
  • Marketing
  • Pets
  • Gaming
  • Photo blogs
  • Affiliate Marketing – I’ll just place this here, but it doesn’t actually fit. This category is quite profitable when done right. Basically it means you are promoting someone else’s product or service and take a percentage from the total sales they make with your help.

How do Blogs Earn?

Most blogs earn through advertisements. Even Facebook has advertisements on their sidebar. According to BuySellAds, one of the biggest advertisement network, 50,000 monthly visitors would give you $100 to $1,000 monthly. Of course it’s not easy to generate 50,000 visitors monthly, you have to work for it. You need to be passionate about blogging. Constant update is a must, and you need to market your own blog!

Where to begin:

First, decide on what niche you’ll be blogging about. It would be better if it’s something you are genuinely passionate for, since you’ll spend a lot of time writing about it. Next, realize that this is a commitment, it will probably take 3 months before you actually see thousands of visitors landing on your blog, but it will pay off!

4. Sell Your Stuff

Selling your stuff online is a profitable business as well, you just need to go out once in a while to process shipment of the products. There is only one requirement: you need to have something to sell.

I personally know people who earn thousands by just utilizing Facebook fan pages. Yep, instead of creating their own online stores, they make use of Facebook!

You can sell:

  • Accessories
  • Apparel
  • Plush toys
  • Gadgets
  • Geek stuff
  • Handicrafts
  • Food
  • Stock Photos
  • and anything you can think of!

Where to sell:

So, are you ready to take control of your life? It’s not fun living paycheck to paycheck, right? Why not start making money online right now, at your own pace, with the method that you enjoy the most?

People Think Working at Home is a Scam

It’s not! But beware, there are lots of scams out there! No, you won’t make $7,000 weekly nor $500 daily, those advertisement banners are fraud.

Did I mention that, over two years ago, I thought working at home is a scam? Yeah, I had no idea that millions of people actually do earn money online, on their comfy pyjamas!

So, quick checklist to know if a method someone is offering is a scam or not:

  • Does it ask you to pay a fee?
  • Does it promise hundreds of dollars to thousands within a short period of time?
  • Does it say you basically don’t have to do anything?

If the answer is yes to the three questions, then it is most likely a scam. What you need to understand is that there are no shortcuts, no magic money, and no incredible promises.

Why would anyone sell you a $30 e-book for their secret method of earning $10,000 in one month? Well, many people fall on these traps so maybe that’s where they get their $10,000.

So, are you ready to make money online?

I build websites for a living. I write, write, and write some more! Moneyarty is just one of my babies. :)

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  1. Marc

    Thank you very much for sharing this awesome article with us! I can totally agree with. For the beginners is very important to have a good blog system and a simple formula they can going trough.

    If you want to start making money with your blog, you have to check this out definitely:


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  2. Jeru

    These are great suggestions for people who want to get started making money online. I for one have implemented some of these and it works.

    1. Rean John Uehara

      The most common payment method is Paypal, but some use Xoom too. There are several payment options, but usually it’s Paypal.

    1. Rean John Uehara

      Usually new bloggers settle for Adsense first until they get more visitors for ad networks like BuySellAds which pay by the month.

  3. Freelance Writer

    Starting up as a freelancer at home you probably need some sort of steady income in order to survive. The traditional way to earn money, of course, is by having a job to pay for bills. Most people typically work from their company’s central location, a physical space where everyone from that organization gathers to exchange ideas and organize their efforts. But a few lucky souls have found ways to make money within the comfort of their own home. Besides the ways mentioned in your post there are few other ways to make money on the Internet, Most people today are familiar with the concept of selling on ebay. You have things you don’t necessarily need but others are willing to buy, and you can auction off the items on eBay or other online auction sites. Simply gather your goods, create a seller’s profile and start selling. You can place an ebook say “how to tie a tie” or “how to make a Thai chicken soup” and sell it many times over. If you have substantial material you could self-publish it via CreateSpace(Amazon) or Lulu and then place the book for sale on Ebay as well. Mmany writers sign up for ad services like Google AdSense, which post those familiar sponsored links you often see at the top and on the sides of Web sites. The more times your blog readers click on these banners the more revenue you receive. The growth of the Internet has made it possible for vendors to sell T-shirts all over the world. In fact, sites like CafePress and SpreadShirt allow you to set up your own store, create your own designs and sell them yourself. Youy can also add those to Ebay to get an extra exposure. If you can create your own design with a clever catchphrase or come up with your own unique statement you could be making some great money. This means that as a writer and a graphic designer you have many opportunities available.

  4. Mirandas

    I would recommend starting an online business or an e-commerce website. There are affiliate programs wherein you can partner with companies looking to sell their products online. You can maintain a website and do all the marketing and when you get an order, the affiliate company would be handling all shipping and product sourcing from and to your customers.

    For anyone interested, you can also post free classified ads. Its a great way to promote your business online without spending a dime. You can check http://www.mybenta.com for example.

    1. moneyarty

      Hi, you are very welcome. I’m glad you’re enjoying it :)

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